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Donate your time. Put it in the Erste Time Bank. What if time could be put into an account by those who have it, and withdrawn by those who desperately need it? Erste Time Bank is a revolutionary concept that allows you to donate one of the most valuable currencies in the world: time. It‘s simple, it‘s meaningful and with just a few hours a year, you too can make a huge difference. Here‘s how.

About Erste Time Bank – what it is & how it works  When you put time in, our Partner Organisations can take it out – and put your skills to work for greater good. It‘s a concept that brings together those who have some time to spare with those who deseperately need their time. > Read more Organisations that need your time  Erste Time Bank is proud to partner up with some of the most highly respected NGOs in our country. These are organizations that have become important members of society. And they need volunteers – such as you! > Partners Projects that need your time  If you have a few hours a year to spare for those who need it, we have the volunteer projects for you. This is not about giving money, it‘s about showing up and lending a helping hand in person. Which projects will you donate your time to? > Marketplace How others have helped by donating their time  We are thousands of employees at Erste Group. If each of us gave a little of our time to charity, we could make a huge difference. Here are the stories of some who have already tried it – and loved it! > Experience