As an institution we aspire to positively influence the
prosperity and future of our region.
The role of Time Bank is to facilitate, in a simple and uncomplicated manner, the social engagement of our employees in society. 

Many colleagues (as well as retired colleagues and relatives) make an important contribution towards our civil society by giving their time, their donations in kind and their speedy assistance in ad-hoc relief operations. 

Erste Group’s companies in Austria encourage, assist and support initiatives and voluntary activities that benefit the community.

Care to join us? 

You are committed to supporting organisations that uphold the dignity of the individual and stand up for protecting nature and the environment.

Giving is a meaningful and fulfilling experience. And that feels good.

You could donate money. But donating time is more direct. You have personal contact with people. 

You decide when, how much and where to donate your time. Your personal commitment counts.